What are the Jumping Victoria Squads?

Jumping Victoria is proud to provide the Junior and Young Rider Jumping Squad program to our Equestrian Victoria members aged 12 – 21 years of age, with our State and Development Squads, and for our members aged under 12 years of age, our Squadette program.

Our jumping Development Squad is a highly successful program that fits within the High Performance sectors of the Jumping sport. The training weekends provide a range of opportunities for our riders to participate in sports development, equine educational programs, sports psychology sessions and unique exposure opportunities.

It is a great way for our younger members to meet friends inside the sport, receive high quality riding instruction and off horse educational sessions to develop and enhance the key skills required for competition success.


What do the Junior and Young Rider Jumping Squads offer?

Jumping Victoria offers our Junior and Young Rider members pathway training inside our Jumping State and Development Squads program. It is the longest running and most successful training program in Victoria and across the Country.

Many of our squad members have made their way through the squad system to continue into their senior years competing at a State, National and International level in the sport of Jumping.

Our Development Squads cater to developing up and coming athletes, with tailored sports development instruction with high quality EA accredited coaches, sports psychology sessions, rider physical development and strengthening, equine educational programs with guest speakers, sportsmanship activities and community involvement.

Our programs are designed to develop riders to High Performance from grass-roots to the best Junior and Young Rider combinations in the State. All of our coaches and guest speakers are highly qualified and respected individuals within the industry.

The jumping squads are a fantastic way for younger members to make friends within the sport, and receive opportunities they wouldn’t find elsewhere. Find out more information about the Jumping Victoria Junior and Young Rider Squad programs via the brochures below.

Junior and Young Rider Development and State Squads Brochure

Squadettes Brochure


What is the difference between the squads?

Our Squadettes Program is a grass-root program looking to introduce members under 12 years old to the world of jumping. Squads are generally held on one day and aimed at being a fun experience with games and friendship building activities, whilst also introducing the basic fundamental skills of jumping.

Our Development Squads are designed to cater for Junior and Young Rider members competing at EA events, interschools and PCV level competitions 80cm-1.15m, who are building experience towards major jumping competitions. Riders are selected into the four different development squads according to rider/horse experience. It focuses on sports development and friendship building.

Our State Squad program is designed for our Junior and Young Rider members who are considered to be the best performing Victorian combinations at the time of selection. It has a higher focus on high performance and individual rider success.

To learn more about the differences between each Squad, please visit our Profiles and Members Page!


How do I become a Jumping Squad member?


  • First, you must be an Equestrian Victoria Member
  • You must meet the eligibility heights for one of the Development Squads or State Squad
  • Complete an application form


Applications generally open around February each year. Check out the Equestrian Victoria Jumping Page and Facebook page regularly for opening dates. If you meet the eligibility criteria, a panel of selectors will determine which squad you are best qualified for.

*Please note: selection is predominantly based on performances. Riders who were on the squad last year but did not attend will need to submit an additional letter to jumping.squads@equestrianvictoria.com.au explaining the circumstances around the missed attendance in order to be considered.

Nomination Forms:

Nominations for our jumping squads occur yearly around February. Please keep an eye on the Equestrian Victoria Website for nomination opening and closing dates.