Development Squad 4 2020

Development Squad Four

Our Development Four program is for Equestrian Victoria Junior and Young Rider members. It is designed towards our members competing 80cm – 1.0m at interschools and PCV events.

Its main aim is to provide sports development and enhancement for our riders to compete more confidently and progress towards introductory EA jumping competitions.

Coach: Tonya Holdsworth-Rose
Abigail Zammit
Anastzia Drake
Caitlyn Duncan
Chloe Lean
Coeli Hayhoe
Grace Cunningham
Ingrid McElvaney
Kane Radburn
Katie Zander
Kelsey Dodds
Kristin Mackellar
Lachie Pascoe
Louise Licastro
Lucy Borrack
Maggie Brewer
Mia Saddington
Mikey Farmer
Montana Dunne
Sienna Holdsworth-Rose
Sophie Pearce
Tayla Anderson
Tom Greenwood
Zara Farouque

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