Development Squads


There are 3 development squads which are grouped according to rider/horse experience.

  • The Development Squad training program is conducted from May to July in conjunction with the State Squad and Squadettes program.
  • The program offers 3 training sessions over the weekend with EA Accredited Jumping Specialist coaches.  As well as education across the weekend with guest presenters on a range of Horse Management topics, competition skill enhancement and rider personal development.
  • The weekend training is a great opportunity for riders to meet other members and enjoy being a part of the jumping community.
  • To become a part of the Development Squads, riders need to be an EA member, complete the ‘Junior and Young Rider Jumping Squad’ nomination form, which is available in January and submit to Jumping Victoria by closing date in March.
  • A panel of selectors decides on the Squad members for the year.  Primarily, selection is based on performances, so recording your results for the season is important.
  • This process is conducted late March to early April and the official announcement is made once the squad members are finalised with the first Squad training in May.

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