Victorian State Squad Rider Profiles

Abbey Page

Age: 16

Current Horses


CHT Amalfie

Career Highlights

Competing at Australian Championships and going to Germany to ride.

Abbey’s favourites: 

Show jumping

Alexandra Melville

Age: 20

Current Horses




Career Highlights

For me just being in the ring is an absolute thrill. I take a lot of pride in the presentation of my horses, I won best presented horse and rider of the show in 2017 at Tatura.

Alexandra’s favourites: 

I love riding my horses but I am also a keen competitive swimmer and love the outdoors.

Clancy Grant

Age: 16 

Current horses: 

Skyhi Ripple Effect

Blackall Park Texas

I Reckon

Career/Riding highlights: 

Jumping in the Juniors and making the Junior Final at the Australian Showjumping Championships 2018.

Jumping in the Victorian Junior Team and making the Junior Final at the AQUIS Champions Tour 2019.

Clancy’s favourites: 

I love fishing and cracking jokes that aren’t funny.

Darcy Wade

Age: 19 

Current Horses

Wondaree Ruped

Westley Maximillian

Riding Highlights

Riding in the Victorian Young Rider team at the Aquis Champions Tour

Riding for Australia in Thailand at the Princess Cup

Being named 2018 Young Jumping Rider of the Year 

Darcy’s favourites: 

My favourite things are working with my horses and going to shows. I also enjoy catching up with mates, and working.

Edward Darby

Age: 18

Current Horses

Moon Day

Dawn of the Day

Career Highlights

One of my greatest highlights was competing in the 2018 national Interschools Championships held at Werribee.  I was competing on Moon in the 105CT and was able to win that class as well as place 8th in the 110 showjumping.

Edward’s favourites: 

Outside of horse riding one of my favourite things to do is play tennis. To have a hobby away from horses is great as it allows you to take a break and focus on something else and then come back the next day refreshed.

In addition to this I also enjoy building various pieces of timber furniture, anything from stools to small table all the way to dining tables, it is an enjoyable hobby that i enjoy a lot.

Felicity Devereux

Age: 15 

Current Horses: 

Marine Park Skipper

Ngahiwi Picalilli

Career highlights: 

Winning a class in the Junior Showjumping at the Royal Adelaide Show 2018

Felicity’s favourites: 

Breaking in and training the Welsh ponies that Mum breeds.

Hannah Wigg

Age: 17

Current Horses

Clifton Court Luxardo

The Four Lads

Career Highlights

Competing in junior class at ASJC 2018 on new green horse

Placing 2nd in Junior Speed class at SA State Championships 2019

Winning overall champion at Victorian Interschools State Championships 1.20m in 2019

Squad member since 2013 – State Squad member since 2017.

Hannah’s favourites: 

My horses, show jumping and training OTT’s

Footy – Go Pies

Music festivals and yummy food

Hayden Parker

Age: 13

Current Horses

Fat Boy Slim

Its Lux Nitro

Yirakala Pippi Longstockings

Career Highlights

State team selection for AQUIS

2nd and 5th Children’s champs at Aus Champs

2nd speed class at Equitana last year, beating Jamie Kermond in the process

Mikalea’s favourites: 

Going to horse shows to catch up with my friends

Riding Motorbikes

Isabella Farmer

Age: 16

Current horses:

Blackall Park Charity

Cil Dara Duchess

Favulous Floyd

Out Late Thb

4yo Cera Cassiago sired gelding

Career highlights:

Competing in my first junior’s classes at Australian Show Jumping Championships 2018.

Isabella’s favourites

I love to spend time on the farm with my horses and family!

Jess Grant

Age: 19

Current Horses

Blackall Park Surprise

Blackall Park Roxy

For Fly Heldenlaan Z (Owned by Ian Mouser)

Skyhi Joie De Vivre


Riding Highlights

Developing BP Roxy and BP Surprise into competitive mounts.

Spending a couple of months training and competing in New Zealand 2015,  which gave me an insight into the international competition arena.

State and National titles at Interschool events.

Being selected as a Top 10 finalist for Young Rider of the Year, 2017

Jess’ favourites: 

I love working with young horses, I find it incredibly rewarding. When I’m away from the horses, I love snow skiing, reading and watching rom-comms. I’m also a die-hard chocolate fan.


Kendall Richards

Age: 17

Current Horses

Bonita Aurelia

Flint Hill

2 2 Tango

A Kendalee Classic

Along with numerous youngsters at home!

Career Highlights

Placing 23rd in the final of the Juniors at the Australian Showjumping Championships on Bonita Aurelia

Placing 4th in the consolation Junior final at the Australian Showjumping Championships on Flint Hill

Placing 1st in the Junior Championship class at the Victorian Country Championships on Bonita Aurelia

Placing 4th overall in the Juniors at the Victorian Championships on Bonita Aurelia

Placing 4th in my first Young Rider class at Tatura on Flint Hill

Riding for Victoria against New Zealand in the Trans Tasman Competition on borrowed horses

Riding in my first 1.30m class when I was 13 on a mare my parents bred

Kendall’s favourites: 

Any kind of sport!

Maddison Buckner

Age: 19

Current Horses

Mt Robinsons Magic

Mt Robinsons Ricochet

Jaybee Camlelot

Scooby Doo

Maddison’s favourites:

Riding in the high country and Skittles

Mikaela McNair

Age: 21

Current Horses

It’s Me

Saddle Up Avalon SV

LH Voldo SV 

Career Highlights

Some of my personal equestrian highlights include: competing in Junior and Young Rider classes at Royal shows, Australia and State Championship and other major shows, being part of the JV State Squad from 2017 to present, being selected in the Top 10 for the 2018 and 2019 Young Rider of the Year award, the friendship I have made through the sport and producing young horses and seeing them go on to make other people happy.

Mikalea’s favourites: 

Other than my horses, I love dessert food and music!

Mikayla Hogg

Age: 15

Current Horses

Aric GHP

Bellhaven Corringa

OTTB Dark Habit

Career Highlights

Winning the State championships and placing at Nationals,

Being selected to train in Germany with Lars Meyer and compete in Russia in the Russian Friendship Games in the Juniors. I came home with a 5th, a bronze, a silver, and a silver overall.

Riding and training at a stable in Ireland.

Placing 3rd in my first juniors start.

Mikayla’s favourites:

I love to travel!

Olivia Batten

Age: 16

Current horses:

Boulevard II (Stewie)

Irish Reign (Irish)

Career highlights:

Jumping clear rounds at 120cm having only competed to 100cm last year

Olivia’s favourites: 

Competing and friendships!

Riley Cottrell

Age: 16 


Current horses: 

Spring Creek Pattern


Snowy River Banshee


Career/riding highlights: 

One of my riding highlights was competing Spring Creek Pattern at the AQUIS Champions Tour in the Junior Tour. She is only a little horse, so it was an incredible feeling!


Riley’s favourites: 


Tahlia Spagnardi

Age: 15

Current Horses

Sunday Rhatigan 

Skipcellos Foxtrot 


Career Highlights

Winning the Barwon Interschools SJ Series two years in a row 2017/2018

Being accepted into Development Squad 1 2017/2018 and State Squad 2019

A highlight for me has been finding Sunday Rhatigan, this once in a lifetime off the track thoroughbred who has so much natural raw talent. He went from learning how to go over poles to jumping 110cm within 6 months. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to train him, and I am excited about our competitive future together!

Placing in our first two big shows, Boneo Summer SJ Classic and Mount Gambier Velodrome in 2019

Tahlia’s favourites:

Knowing that there is an upcoming show and just training and preparing for it

Jimmy has been by far my favourite horse to train, compete, and just general riding. He is just so easy going and chill, not to mention his enormous amount of talent.

Making social media edits that have meaning; and inspiring others.

Tilley Fair

Age: 14

Current Horse

La Lanie

Career Highlights

Competing at the Royal Adelaide Show. Competing there was just so amazing with the atmosphere and beautiful show grounds. 

Tilley’s favourites: 

I love when you go out onto a massive arena and you experience that nervous/excited feeling. I love the feeling of riding a perfect round, and the joy and excitement that follows!

Tori Fair

Age: 17

Current Horses


Career Highlights

5th in Junior class at South Australia Titles 2019

1st in interschools 120cm class 2019

2nd in young rider class at Geelong Show Jump club

6th in the 130cm class Yarra Valley jump club 2019

2nd in the 120cm 21 years and under class at Yarra Valley show jump club

Tori’s favourites: 

The joy I get from putting in months and months of hard work and finally achieving goals and results.

Tori Glass

Age: 16

Current Horses:

Bonnie Valley NoBuck Boris

BP Converté

Bonnie Valley CookiesnCream

Career Highlights:

Competing at the PCA Nationals in 2017

Being selected for the PCA Nationals 2019

Competing at the Interschool Nationals 2018

Tori’s favourites: 

The lifelong friendships you create with fellow riders and coaches


Zoe Waller

Age: 13

Current Horse

Mobile App


BP Somer Du Rouet


I ride Kingsbrook Victory for his owners.

Riding Highlights

Equitana Fibre Fresh Speed Knock Out (2018)

Susan Pike Juniors Champion, Whittlesea Show (2018)

Interschool Stars Champion Newhaven College (2018)

National Champion Interschools Primary (2017)

Taking Trix ‘off the track’ to compete 1.20 m.

Zoe’s favourites: 

Show jumping!